The first low profile safes
designed to fit under your bed.
The first gun safes designed
to stack in your closet.
The first gun safes designed
to fit in your truck or SUV.

A division of Pan-Oston
Hand Crafted in America

Bill G.
I received the replacement key for the safe today. Everything is working perfectly. Thank you again for all the assistance and appreciate your team's excellent customer service.
Patrick N.
I wanted to pass along my sincere thanks and appreciation for the safe in the Guns and Ammo giveaway. It is beautiful and will be enjoyed by me and my family for many years.
God bless you all and take care.
Jim W.
I have a large gun safe in my basement for most of my guns, but now thanks to War Dog, I have access to my guns where I wanted one most, safely in my bedroom.
Maria V.
I was always nervous about having a gun in the house, thanks to the War Dog Safe Company I sleep safe and secure.
You can put a price on peace of mind, it's the cost of War Dog Safe.
Brian S.
If you have kids, but want the security that comes with ready access to your guns, you have check out War Dog Safes.
Bill M.
I don't own a gun, but I have a few pieces of jewelry my mother left me and now I don't have to run to the safe deposit box, I just reach under my bed.
Kim B.
I have a lot invested in my guns, the War Dog Safe is the best way to protect them.
Joe P.